• Luca Alvarez Molteni

    3 Stars MICHELIN

    Executive Chef to Presidents, Billionaires, and Five-Star Hotels, Chef Luca has opened over 120 restaurants and hotels in eleven countries, including the flagship Shangri-la Beijing, and Tribe Hotel in Nairobi.

    He's cooked for the who's who of the world. From Elton John, Bono, Katy Perry, and Angelina Jolie, to Fidel Castro, Trump, the Obamas, and the G-8 world leaders (three times).


    A certified food genius, in 2001, Chef Luca wrote Il Design Del Gusto (The Design of Taste), a book on exploring food with all five senses, which inspired a critically acclaimed installation of the same name at the Museum of Modern Art, and exclusive engagements to create the culinary brand essence of both Ferrari and Chanel. Chef Luca also developed the original curriculum for the Italian Food Style Institute (IFSE) and countless menus for high-end restaurants around the world.


    In Canada since 2016, Chef Luca and his life partner, Sarah Woods, a.k.a The Barn Chefs, have been on a mission to discover and develop Canadian ingredients. The results are incredible. World-famous Saffron, Bison, Preserves, and the first licenses for nitrate-free cured meats and raw milk cheese production have set new standards and elevated Canadian foods to the global stage.

  • Testimonials

    "Luca’s drive for excellence pushes the boundaries of what is possible."

    Mark Somen, CEO Sapiens Impact

    "Luca Alvarez Molteni is obsessed with the experience of taste... I don’t know what drives such curiosity, but the world I believe in can’t live without it." - Luigi Cremona, Award-winning Author and Food Journalist

    "Perhaps to be a truly great chef, just as to be a truly great artist, you need a truly great heart. Anyway, that is definitely the case with Chef Luca Molteni. His respect for the ingredients found in both nature and culture is profound. And the transformations he can create are not only magical –they are moral. I have experienced it firsthand."- Eric Young, Founder & Director, Nashulai Maasai Conservancy

    "Like a sculptor who sees inside the block of granite, [Luca] discovers the secrets of ingredients and interprets them like no other chef in the world."- Ludovico Carlo Russo, DDN Design Diffusion News

    "People use the word genius, but Luca has a sixth sense about food and ingredients that goes beyond experience, knowledge or study. It's almost other-worldly." - Perry Gladstone, Advisor & Executive Coach

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